We are thrilled to announce that we have raised our pre-seed round led by FundingBox.VC and Sunfish Partners with the participation of SMOK Ventures. Apart from that, exceptional people from the data space - Jarek Potiuk, main apache airflow contributor, and Uldis Leiterts, founder of Infogram - are joining re_data as advisors as well.

Why is data quality so important?

Companies lose 3T$ per year because of poor data quality. Problems with data quality cause:

These problems could be avoided if data people had the right tools to deal with data and to control the data quality of data used.

Why open-source?

As mentioned, we believe data people don't have a framework to work on data quality in their day-to-day jobs yet. They need it for the same reason software engineers need frameworks to build/test/deploy software.

Every successful framework in the software engineering world is now open-source, and the data industry will follow. Data quality tools in the past were only accessible via costly licenses, which actually stopped them from getting widely known and adopted. But with re_data, this will change 🙂!


Building on top of dbt

re_data is building on top of a very popular tool for analytics engineers - dbt. Using dbt as a basis makes total sense for us. It allows us to use what's already built-in:

All this allows us to focus on things data engineers and data scientists need most to ensure and improve data quality inside their companies.

We started developing our tool with a focus on making it easy to detect anomalies in metrics about your data, either predefined or defined by you. New things will be coming soon!

In the meantime, check out and ⭐ re_data on Github! 🙂